Zica Bérgami [Elisa Campiotti]

1913, Ibitinga | SP - Brasil

2011, São Paulo | SP - Brasil

Dona Zica Bergami, close to his 90th birthday, still showed great vitality and enjoyed good conversation. For a long time she performed well and presented an excellent work in several exhibitions, revealing an unmistakable way of drawing with China ink. She had several stories to tell from the good old times in the countryside, of a shiny past in the capital of São Paulo. Her first individual exhibition had a presentation by Sérgio Milliet. Later she would be reviewed and stimulated by the art critic Ernestina Karmann.

In 1959, she received the award Zequinha de Abreu for the song-writing “Lampião de gás”. She accomplished several exhibitions in galleries in Brazil and abroad, among them I Mostra Contemporânea Brasileira – EXPOFAIR – in Lisbon and First Art Exposition Brazil-Holland, in Amsterdam. In her drawings there is clear candid view for human situations, with a result which reaches universality through her pure black traces in the whiteness of the paper.

Source: Catalog - POP BRASIL: popular Art and the popular in Art | CCBB – Gama, 2002


Individual Exhibitions:

1981 Zica Bérgami, Galeria Brasiliana, São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Collective Exhibitions:

2020 Histórias da dança, São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand MASP Art Museum, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2020 Women in Popular Art, Galeria Estação, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2011 Women, Artists and Brazilians, Palácio do Planalto, Brasília, DF, Brazil

2004 Form, Color and Expression: a collection of Brazilian art, Galeria Estação, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2002 Pop Brasil: popular and the popular in art, Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB), São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2000 Brazilian Popular Art, Brasiliana Gallery, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

1991 3 Santos National Biennial, Patrícia Galvão Cultural Center, Santos, SP, Brazil

1988 Chapel Art Show, Chapel Art Show, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

1987 Contemporary Art Exhibitions, Chapel Art Show, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

1986 Path of Brazilian Design, Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum Ado Malagoli (Margs), Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

1985 17 Belo Horizonte National Contemporary Art Salon, Pampulha Art Museum (MAP), Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

1984 2 Paulista Salon of Contemporary Art, Museum of Image and Sound, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

1980 Images of Dance, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

1980 Earth People, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, SP, Brazil



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