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Painters project

Art and creativity are everywhere around the world.
What we know about good artists is a small portion of the existing talent. These are people who, regardless of age, nationality and recognition, continue in their tasks because they need to. This is not about financial need, but fundamentally food for their souls.
According to the Aurélio dictionary, CREATE (transitive verb) is: Give existence / Giving rise to / imagine / invent / produce.
Artists are not successful only because of talent and creativity. In addition to these, some other factors are essential such as study hard, attend a good studio, dedication, among other. According to the artist José Bechara, "the best place in the world for the artist is the studio."
But you also need luck in the broadest sense. Luck that helps open doors, which brings opportunities, like being in the right place at the right time. Quite complex, isn’t it?
With the advent of an organized art market in Brazil and in the world, luck is needed more than ever.  Being selected in an important contest, drawing attention for being an assistant of an well known artist helps to open the door to an art gallery, which today plays a key role in the so-called primary market, the one of living artists. Participating in fairs and institutional exhibitions is one of the works entrusted to galleries, and very important for visibility. But just as in any market, it is not easy to get into level.
Speaking directly of painting - on which many risk the "prophecy" that the end is near, if not already happened (what a nonsense!) - it is to show that it is alive and well that Galeria Estação presenting the exhibition Desassossego.
Conceived by the artist Germana Monte-Mor, who also curates the show, the idea seemed great! To give opportunity to those who are in the beginning of the carrier, and also to those who have had few opportunities to show the works .
The invitation was made to recognized artists such as Paulo Pasta, Rodrigo Andrade, Fabio Miguez, Sergio Sister, Leda Catunda, and Marina Saleme so that they could select two artists and write a short text on them.

For Galeria Estação and for me personally, this show is a source of pride. I believe it to fulfill my role in this market, which makes me even happier.
Enjoy it!

Vilma Eid


A Disquiet – Paintings Opening: November 8, 7pm To December 6, 2016 Curated by Germana Monte-Mór


Although the contemporary art presents more and more new medias as a language expression, calling into question the painting as a mean, in recent years in São Paulo art scene, the painting fills a big chunk of space dedicated to art, whether in art market (galleries and fairs) or in institutional spaces such as museums and cultural centers.
The emergence of a local market, driven by new galleries and specialized fairs, which placed Brazil, and São Paulo in particular, on the international circuit, stimulated the growth of local production historically small. Also the resumption of painting in the 80s in the middle of international art influenced this trend in the context of local production, especially in São Paulo.
The paint discussion we have today opens a range of possibilities. There are more individual ways of searching, unlike schools or groups, as in previous periods: avant-garde, modernism, and abstract expressionism. Now one can think of painting as diverse forms coexisting with the same possibility of result, either in the assessment of the market or as a critical evaluation. The mental construction of Cassio Michalany painting alongside the expressive gestures of Vania Mignone, or hyper-realistic painting, or the use of photography as a reference - and many others suggested and discussed approaches.
Much as the art scene has grown, and in fact it has grown in recent decades, it does not account for a latent production that was also stimulated by practical courses in workshops dotting the city. There are many talented young artists in Sao Paulo who have not yet put their production to be discussed - and many others who have trod their own paths, but for various reasons, have barely shown their recent production.
This scenario prompted me to define the character of this exhibition. To present it I have invited ten curators -painters who could help think these productions, with each choosing two painters to participate, and thus suggesting the multiple approaches.

Germana Monte-Mór


Galeria Estação
A Disquiet – Paintings

Opening: November 08 at 7pm - until December 6, 2016

Known for the research and promotion of the so called folk art to become one of the agents responsible for its inclusion in the canons of contemporary art, Galeria Estação, as it did with the self-taught in A Disquiet gives opportunity to young artists outside the mainstream. For this event, the gallery director Vilma Eid has the collaboration of 10 curator artists each choosing two new artists from Rio or São Paulo to be presented at the show. The exception is the already recognized artist Boi (José Carlos Boi Cezar Ferreira) who was referred by Dudi Maia Rosa, and is a reference to the other participants.
Vilma Eid has asked Germana Monte-Mór to invite nine other curator artists to come along with her: Dudi Maia Rosa, Fabio Miguez, Leda Catunda, Marco Giannotti, Marina Saleme, Paulo Monteiro, Paulo Pasta, Rodrigo Andrade and Sergio Sister. The following artists were chosen for each of them: José Carlos Boi Cezar Ferreira and Rosa Barreiros (Dudi Maia Rosa); Alvaro Seixas and Giseli Camargo (Fabio Miguez); Fabiola Racy and Lilia Malheiros (Germana Monte-Mór); Sandra Mazzini and Elvis Almeida (Leda Catunda); Tais Cabral and Vitor Iwasso (Marco Giannotti); Gabriel Pitan Gracia and Marina Hachem (Marina Saleme); Leopoldo Ponce and Thomaz Rosa (Paulo Monteiro); Alexandre Wagner and Guilherme Ginane (Paulo Pasta); Maria Andrade and Ricardo Alves (Rodrigo Andrade); Sara Muller and Suiá Ferlauto (Sergio Sister).
In the exhibition catalog, Germana suggests that today's painting opens more individual ways of searching, unlike schools or groups of prior periods.  Paulo Paula however, points out that a mature painter with no mistake gets nowhere, and that good painting is done from this statement on. For new artists, his advice, parodying Beckett’s quote is: "Fail Better".

Exhibition: A Disquiet – Paintings
Opening: November 08 at 7pm (by invitation only)
Exhibition period: from November 9 to December 6, 2016
Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm, Saturday from 11am to 3pm - free admission.

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