11.20.2020 to 12.02.2020
Online | São Paulo - Brazil


Two Josés: Bernnô and Bezerra

In this Viewing Room we bring you the “Two Josés” who have art in common.

The painter Bernnô had a car body shop where he personalized automobiles using the painting that was his passion. At 6 pm he closed the workshop and dedicated himself to his canvases. He was born talented but he worked hard to get his talent recognized. He attended Belas Artes College in São Paulo and was a student of the painters Paulo Pasta and Marco Giannotti. He took a course in Art History with the critic and professor Rodrigo Naves.

According to Marco Gianotti in the curatorial text of the catalog for his exhibition at Galeria Estação in 2016, “his paintings resist the word, even denoting a certain brutalism that makes us think of the red structures that support MASP (Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo). They put themselves in the space of shyness”.

Also according to Gianotti “we can see that both the artist from Cambuci (Volpi) and the one from Bairro do Limão (Bernnô) absorb the singularity of the modern painting with a lot of property, though with radically different styles. Both call attention to the rustic aspect of their constructions. ”

In 2009, Bezerra a sculptor born in Buique, in the state Pernambuco had his first exhibition at Galeria Estação curated by Rodrigo Naves.

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