06.04.2021 to 06.30.2021
online | São Paulo - Brazil


Germana Monte-Mór came as an artist to our gallery in 2017. Experienced, talented and already established, she started our core of work with contemporary artists.

Her relevance was consolidated in group and solo exhibitions in galleries and institutions such as the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, the Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro, the Figueiredo Ferraz Institute in Ribeirão Preto (SP) among others. Her works are included in the collections of these institutions and also in important private collections.

Germana's work is the result of research and constant searching. When I met her, her palette was formed predominantly of dark tones. In her first solo exhibition held at Galeria Estação in 2017, the feeling was that the sun had come in through your window. The paintings and drawings were composed of vibrant, cheerful colors with an affirming presence.

In this on-line exhibition reflecting the pandemic era, the colors are still solar. The research between the two and the three-dimensional still remains and the results are exuberant!

Enjoy this moment!

Vilma Eid


Cracks and Holes

This is my newest set of paintings almost all made in this year of pandemic. When the disease surfaced, I was a little paralyzed at first, in a torpor. Fortunately, I was able to move and concentrate my energy at work as a way to fill the time.

In my artistic production, I have always dealt with the limit of what is two and three-dimensional: looking for the place that is between drawing and painting and the three-dimensional object. Now in my painting that deals more with the colors and their possible relationship, in addition to the drawn cracks which are a recurring element in my making, the drawings of the holes emerge. The round shapes which were already appearing as elements within the composition play, became so autonomous that they needed to gain more presence. From there arises once again the desire to deal with three-dimensionality, to make painting an object. The holes are no longer just shapes but cut on the canvas. I then insert a second canvas under the cut canvas and the play of colors with the different planes begins.

My action of cutting the canvas is not simply a gesture as in the “Concetto spaziale” by the artist Lucio Fontana. My task is to equate the colors in the different planes, to create a tonal relationship between the hues and tones and also by the diverse shadows that the volume produces. It is also to activate an investigation of matter such as the use of loose pigment which brings more light and body to the matter.

What feeds me in art is the search for the new, the unknown, the uncertainty of the poetic process and the desire to reveal something that cannot be revealed.


Germana Monte-Mór



3D Visit


Germana Monte-Mór
Germana Monte-Mór shows us her place and shares some thoughts about her criative processes Images...