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Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium - Dani Tranchesi 11th february - 19h - opening | 2o floor Exhibits runs through march 14th 2020 Galeria Estação


Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium
Dani Tranchesi
by Diógenes Moura

Which of us will gather up the remainders of the city that shouts and overflows? Photography is not enough. But the image is. The image is like a broken mirror: it bleeds and cures at the same time. It depends on who is in front of it, in front of the mirror where the image does not deceive. The visage of a city (São Paulo) is like an open book, as fatal as an ocean wave, as deep as fond remembrances on a Sunday. Over on that side (on Marajó Island) people inside their houses put their couches by their doors along the street to talk with people going by, to make sure that aliens in UFOs do not take control of the buffaloes. Meanwhile, in the metropolis, consumption goes hand in hand with fortune and abandonment. At whatever cost. An open book can change at any moment. Lindo Sonho Delirante is not a statement. It is an existence. It ranges beyond the border between grime and ocean. It is like a portrait. A verdict with an impermeable gaze. (DM)

Where are the others? At how many steps ahead will the next self fall? Standing before the display case the reflection disperses. Between violence and passion, the city spits. Photography is not enough. But the image is. The thin border, transparency. The fallen body has a first and last name. When the color explodes inside someone else’s house there is a breeze, a wherefore that echoes within the bone of the forest that burns. On this side, the concrete warms its memory built into the walls, on the edges of the overpasses where each birth certificate will always be a sentence for the following night. On the TV screens the demons cry out for tragedies. In the traces of the clouds the storm is approaching: the hours on the land do not belong to the others. Man is not a merchandise, a package of existence. Man on the land is a wild beast with eyes, desire and hunger. (DM)

“Come God,” the others say. On the cement walls the letters of the city need to explode, to splatter. Those who write can fall from the 23rd floor. The exits are blocked. On the walls on that side everything that is red explodes in the blue of a nocturnal sea: rags, times, beds, myths. Everything installed in great detail: the jaguar, the vulva, the weeping, the scratch, nothingness. In the man who sees, the truth slips away. Photography is not enough. But the image is. On the next page the dog is barking because its owner slammed the door. It’s always like that. Some are always abandoning the others. On the purple of the wall the father, mother, the children are printed on yellowed paper. Everything the same, every day, amidst the milder breeze of the pink electric fan. In the disconnected time the only solution will be to listen. Look, my pulse still has some heartbeats. The silence of God is distressing, it hurts. (DM)

The man who fell is coming back to his senses. The bronze face of the Sphinx has a skin of soot. The two feet on the sidewalk do not contaminate the cigarette butts. The city spits. On the other side, on the other point of the freshwater bay all of the saints are sleeping in their hammocks while their children look up at the stars, one by one, counting on their fingers, on the dry leaves, on the clean corners, on the carnivals. On this side, in the city where time does not grumble, the man who lives plummeting in the entrails of the overpass spits words in bunches, in bundles through his teeth. His house is a border between gray and gray. His flesh trembles when each automobile passes along the roadway above him. There are those who talk about human rights. Not merchandise. Man on the land is a wild beast with eyes, an uneasy peace, greed. When the book is opened everything will be in transit. (DM)

All the photographs were taken in São Paulo, Belém, and various places on Marajó Island: Salvaterra, Joanes, Soure and Cachoeira do Arari, in 2018 and 2019.



Galeria Estação
Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium - Dani Tranchesi
Opening: February 11, 7 pm thru March 14, 2020

A project developed by Dani Tranchesi with assistance from Diógenes Moura resulted in the exhibition entitled Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium. Moura as the curator of this exhibition is also the writer of the accompanying exhibit publication (Homonym Book: Martins Fontes Publishing Company). He met with the artist weekly for a year to write the text and select the images for the publication.
For her first solo show held last year at Galeria Estação, Tranchesi toured several countries. Now her lens is concentrated on Brazil in the cities of São Paulo, Belém, Marajó Island, Salvaterra, Joanes, Soure and Cachoeira do Arari.
According to the curator, the exhibition with about 60 photographs taken in 2018 and 2019 is made up mostly of diptychs or triptychs. “I tried to create a script in which the narrative possibilities between the images or each individual one is up to the viewer,” says Moura. These are pictures that sometimes look at the rawness of lives and spaces of metropolitan cities. Where contemplating stars every day is sometimes the dream that guards the Marajó Island.
“The face of a city (São Paulo) is like an open book, as fatal as a wave of the sea, so deep with anguish as on a Sunday. Over there (Marajó Island) the insiders place the sofa on the street to talk to comets, to make sure that unidentified flying objects will not dominate the buffaloes.” writes Moura.
From 2018, the photographer from São Paulo traveled several times to Marajó Island. In São Paulo, Tranchesi’s research center was established in the central part of the city. The interest in others and in the different ways of living recurrent in her production, remains expressed in the series made in Marajó and in the two capitals. Photographs of domestic environments, details of objects, atmospheres of beauty and welcome contained in the resistance of simplicity are opposed to the destinies of men and urban spaces abandoned in the wake of progress.

Dani Tranchesi (São Paulo 1968 - ) studied Communication at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing e Fotografia and at the Escola Panamericana de Arte. In her original works, the artist is dedicated to the diversity of people and cultures in the approximately 70 countries she has visited.

Diógenes Moura is a writer, photography curator, screenwriter and editor. In 2019 he was a semifinalist for the Oceanos Literature Award with O Livro dos Monólogos – Recuperação para Ouvir Objetos (Vento Leste Publishing Company). Awarded in Brazil and abroad, he was Photography curator at the State Pinacoteca between 1998 and 2013. He writes about existence, image and abandonment.

Exhibitions: Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium? - Dani Tranchesi
Opening: February 11th at 7pm
Visitation until March 14, 2020
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