Dani Tranchesi [Dani Fontana Tranchesi]

1968, São Paulo | SP - Brazil

The work of this photographer is concerned with the other, with the living, dealing with existence empathically and generously. At the same time as these photographs approach the human and their daily life, they explore the relationships between the ordinary and the unusual. It uses the formal resources of digital photography, such as overlays, collages, flattening and cutouts to represent the uniqueness of each way of living. Photographer, who is part of the scene that records and is built from the other photographed.

Thus, between landscape and portrait, subject and object, all the production registers "paisagentes", a work that investigates how much the environment defines ways of living that exist simultaneously in each moment. Dani Tranchesi studied Communication at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing and Photography at the Escola Panamericana de Arte. Member of Casa Neo10, she organizes photography workshops in several cities around the world. As she travels the planet, she develops her authorial work based on the images brought from more than 60 countries and the perception that this planet is beautiful by the diversity of people and cultures that cohabit it.


Individual Exhibitions:

2020 Exhibition “Dani Tranchesi, Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium, Galeria Estação, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2018 Exhibition "Dani Tranchesi, Lucent Box"at Galeria Estação, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2017 Individual exhibition "Cuba before the Stones" at The School of Life, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2015 Individual exhibition "Mundos" at Studio Kaza in Miami, USA


Collective Exhibitions: 

2013 Collective exhibition of end of course at the Escola Panamericana de Arte curated by Armando Prado, São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Selected Publications :

2020 Book "Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium", WMF Martins Fontes, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2018 Exhibition catalog "Caixa-Clara", Lis Gráfica, São Paulo, SP, Brasil




são paulo

SP Arte 2019

03.04.2019 - 07.04.2019
são paulo

Lovely Sleepwalking Delirium - Dani Tranchesi

11.02.2020 - 14.03.2020

11.04.2018 - 15.04.2018
são paulo

Dani Tranchesi: Lucent Box

27.02.2018 - 27.03.2018

ArtRio 2018

27.09.2018 - 30.09.2018


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