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Iguatemi Brasília – SHIN/CA 4 Lote A Lago Norte – Brasília | Brasilia - Brazil


The first edition of the International Art Fair of Brasilia takes place June 5-8 and will gather 33 galleries

 In its 10th edition, SP-Arte, the main fair in the Brazilian art circuit and among the top 5 international fairs in the world, will launch the first edition of SP-Arte Brasilia gathering 33 Brazilian galleries from June 5-8 at the Shopping Iguatemi Brasilia, Lago Norte. The galleries come from 5 different Brazilian States: Bahia, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Federal District.

 The art fair in Brasilia will be the second spin-off from the original SP-Arte. The other fair, being SP-Arte/Foto founded in 2007, has become one of the main events focused on photography in Brazil.

 The city with the highest GDP per capita in the country, Brasilia was chosen as the first site for SP-Arte outside of São Paulo for its historical and cultural relevance. “Brasilia is a city that was designed to unite the landscape of the region with the iconic vision of two of Brazil’s most important architects, Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer”, says Fernanda, who highlights the prospect of art in the capital. “The city is big, it houses important museums, cultural institutions and artists that have made names for themselves in Brazil and abroad. After the vibrant music scene in Brasilia during the 1980s, now is the time for visual art in the capital.”

 Besides being the capital of the country, Brasilia is widely considered a triumph of the 20th century. The city occupies a special place in Brazilian art history. “To start the International Art Fair of Brasilia, with dozens of Brazilian galleries from various states, exhibiting hundreds of Brazilian and foreign artists in the center of the country, is for all of us a return to a euphoric period, a moment of celebration,” declares Fernanda Feitosa, the creator and director of SP-Arte.

 SP-Arte Brasilia is sponsored by Itaú, Oi, Oi Futuro, and Iguatemi Brasilia and receives support from Air France, Chandon, and Minalba.

About Itaú

 As the largest financial conglomerate in the Southern Hemisphere, Itaú believes that access to culture and art is an essential complement to education, developing critical thinking and transforming people, society and the country. Itaú invests and supports some of the most important Brazilian cultural events including SP-Arte’s 10th edition. Sponsoring this event since it was first launched in 2005 reinforces our commitment to the value and support of the arts in Brazil. Providing additional access to art, can broaden horizons, knowledge grows and opportunities arise to change the world for the better. After all peoples lives change with culture, and culture changes with the participation of more people.

About Oi Futuro

Oi Futuro is the institute for social responsibility of the telecommunications company, Oi. Oi Futuro employs new technologies of communication and information in the development of projects in education, culture, sports, environment and social development. Since 2001, their actions have been aimed at democratizing access to knowledge and reducing social and geographical distances, with special attention to young people.

Sobre o Iguatemi Brasília

Iguatemi Brasilia embodies fashion, gastronomy, entertainment, and leisure all under one roof; it houses over 180 stores and 20 exclusive brands. The shopping center has the know-how of the Iguatemi Shopping Center trademark, which was listed as the 22nd most important brand in Brazil, and the only one in its sector. It also presents one of the most modern projects in architecture and landscape with large skylights that allow for integration with the Shopping Centers’ exterior and a proximity to nature.


Opening for guests April 5, 2014, 17h-22h
Open to the public: April 6,7, and 8 (Friday and Saturday, 14h-21h; Sunday, 14h-20h)
Location: Iguatemi Brasília - SHIN/CA 4 Lote A Lago Norte – Brasília, DF

Entrance is Free (entry is permitted up to 30 minutes before the event closes)



  • A Casa da Luz Vermelha (DF)
  • Almeida & Dale Galeria de Arte (SP)
  • AM Galeria de Arte (MG)
  • Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte (RJ)
  • Arte 57- Renato Magalhães Gouvêa Jr (SP)
  • Athena Galeria de Arte (RJ)
  • Baró Galeria (SP)
  • Carbono Galeria (SP)
  • Casa Triângulo (SP)
  • Celma Albuquerque Galeria de Arte (MG)
  • Dan Galeria (SP)
  • Espaço Eliana Benchimol (RJ)
  • Fólio Livraria (SP)
  • Galeria Bergamin (SP)
  • Galeria Clima (DF)
  • Galeria de Arte Ipanema (RJ)
  • Galeria de Babel (SP)
  • Galeria Estação (SP)
  • Galeria Leme (SP)
  • Galeria Murilo Castro (MG)
  • Galeria Nara Roesler (SP)
  • Lemos de Sá Galeria de Arte (MG)
  • Lurixs: Arte Contemporânea (RJ)
  • Manoel Macedo Arte (MG)
  • Mendes Wood DM (SP)
  • Paulo Darzé Galeria de Arte (BA)
  • Paulo Kuczynski Escritório de Arte (SP)
  • Pinakotheke (RJ e SP)
  • Referência Galeria de Arte (DF)
  • SIM Galeria (PR)
  • Simões de Assis Galeria de Arte (PR)
  • Vermelho (SP)
  • Zipper Galeria  (SP)





SP-ARTE BRASÍLIA Opening for guests April 5, 2014, 17h-22h Open to the public: April 6,7, and 8 (Friday and Saturday, 14h-21h; Sunday, 14h-20h) Location: Iguatemi Brasília - SHIN/CA 4 Lote A Lago Norte – Brasília, DF Entrance is Free (entry is permitted up to 30 minutes before the event closes)